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Talking with wine expert Adam Dromi on how to pick out wines that unite and bring us into conversation with inspiration for holiday dinners. Also shared some thoughts on gun control and tragedy in Sutherland Spring, Texas.

Show Highlights

Stephanie urging people to re-frame the gun control issue and make it about valuing human life.

Adam sharing how his love for wine began and how it sets the tone for conversation.

Adam talking about how to talk to a wine expert for recommendations and how to use your phone to help pick out a good bottle of wine.

Adam stating a great bottle of wine does not have to be expensive.

Resources Mentioned

Handpicked Wines – Where Adam works.

Follow Adam on Instagram.

Wine Selection Tools

Delectable, available on android and apple store. More Info.

Wine Searcher 

Wine Ring


Backstory Behind Stephanie and Guest

I met Adam through my friends at The Relational Center.  He of course had wine in hand.  His knowledge for wine is matched with his sincerity to bring people together in good times and conversation. He always has a great story to share and a smile on his face. Adam is great listener and good friend to talk about life and the pursuit of happiness. – Stephanie Michele

Social Challenge of the Week

Start an offline group.

If you are not already in a book club, bible study or small group that meets regularly, start your own. Why? Because the best way to process our fast-paced news cycle and consumption of content online is to go offline and talk it out with people you know and trust.

Some guidelines to consider:

  1. Invite people who have different options and political views.
  2. Set guidelines for “Respectful Dialog”  — no name calling, consider how to handle heated conversations beforehand.
  3. Meet regularly. (weekly, biweekly, monthly)
  4. Set an agenda. Let everyone submit 5 topics they want to talk about. Pick the most common five to start with and then address other topics as time permits.
  5. Be prepared to ‘fact check” as information is presented in discussions. A good resource for this –Snopes
  6. Start and end the get-together with everyone sharing what they are grateful for.
  7. Always thank people for sharing their points of view even when you don’t agree.
  8. Focus more on relating than debating — Asking questions for better understanding will help with this.

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