Experiencing Grace

Grace – The influence of spirit operating in humans to regenerate and strengthen them.  

Believing that there is ALWAYS supportive, inspirational, spiritual energy that is available to you through other people is how you experience grace.

I call this energy God but you are not required to do so. You don’t have to believe in a certain religion to experience grace.

Grace is available to everyone.

Grace is delivered though communication and acts of goodwill. Grace communication inspires you to think from your heart and act on it. Do something. Perhaps it comes in the form of a book recommendation that will help you. Perhaps it will give you the courage to seek help, pursue a dream or heal a part of you that is no longer serving you.

The person passing grace on to you may not even be aware of the gift they are giving you. And at times, it might not seem like a gift was given.

Although grace is ultimately uplifting and healing – it can sting at first impact.

Although grace comes naturally, if we are not leaned into it —we won’t experience it.

How to Increase the Amount of Grace You Encounter:

1. Clear Distractive Noise

  • Mediate. Pray. Take time to breath and connect fully with your mind, heart and body.
  • Unplug. Practice detachment from media and digital devices.

2. Be Slow to Judge. And Quick to be Curious.

  • Slow down your reactions of blame, angry and categorizing of people and their actions.
  • Ask more “WHY” questions. Fall in love with a journey of curiosity.

3. Give without a Desired Outcome of Receiving.

  • Give compliments from your heart. (To strangers, friends and family)
  •  “Be” what you desire. Act out of love.

4. Practice Safe Communication.

  • Consider timing for both parties. Is it the right time for everyone?
  • Be prepared to listen and repeat back what they are saying. Ask, “Am I getting everything?”
  • Ask “Can I share what is coming up for me?” Stick to your experience without implying meaning to theirs.
  • No matter the outcome of the conversation, state you are thankful for the other person’s time.

5. Honor your Heart.

  • Practice gratitude. (write it down, say it out loud, same time everyday)
  • Be brave with your heart.
    Be wise with your heart. You will have to protect it sometime, take time to exam when those times happen on your journey of curiosity.

PSE principles are adaptable to various types of gatherings. They can be used to warm up a crowd or taught in workshop format. Contact me here for more info.


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