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“If you don’t like how you are experiencing the world, change it.”

Pubic Shared Experience Events are the result of the change I want to create in this world.

I am hardwired for connection and love. Some people will argue this is because I am a woman or because I grew up in a family that did not communicate well or show love. No matter what the details are of my story, I don’t believe I am unique when it comes to desiring love and human connection.

To be clear, I am not just talking about romantic love. I am talking about experiencing love when no one is around; where you can stand in a moment alone and still feel incredibly loved. The kind of love that gives you the courage to “Do Your Thing,” and extend yourself even if you feel unqualified, vulnerable and afraid. It is the kind of love that strengthens, motivates and inspires. This may sound like self-love and although self-love plays an important role in experiencing feelings of love, self-love alone doesn’t empower us for connection. Self-love alone does not open us up for receiving and giving love. It is the influence of spirit operating in each of us that creates a more sustainable feeling of love. This is grace.

I believe grace is available to everyone no matter what you believe in. I know this because everyone I know has experienced it in some form. It is the energy that gives you goose bumps and makes you say, “This moment is meant for me, I should pay attention.” It happens when two or more people recommend a book or movie to you that inspires you to think or act differently. Most importantly, it happens when you share a moment with someone that reaches your soul and fills you with love.

It is grace that I want to experience more in this world. Modern culture seems to be blocking opportunities for grace. It is extremely difficult to experience grace in a world that seems to promote acts of intolerance. It is hard to find grace in the misrepresentations of self-love via media that promotes controversy, provocativeness and bias agendas. The new norm in relating is quick judgement and dismissal. We are productizing people as we swipe left on dating apps. These actions are “grace blockers” and they threaten our ability to give and receive love.

Purpose of Public Shared Experience

The purpose of a PSE event is to make space for grace and practice relating with each other in a time and space free of distractions and quick judgement. No two events will be the same as everyone who attends plays a role in the experience. By doing PSE exercises together, we are connecting in a way that reminds us that love is present, powerful and always within reach. More about the PSE Process Here.

“Life doesn’t make any sense without interdependence. We need each other, and the sooner we learn that, the better for us all.” – Erik Erikson

Event Facilitators – PSE Exercises for Your Event

PSE principles are adaptable to various types of gatherings. They can be used to warm up a crowd or taught in workshop format.

Why should you consider adding PSE exercises to your event:

• Exercises will prep your audience to receive value from information/speakers at your event in a more open and inspired way.
• When the desired outcome of being able to relate well to each other is important, PSE exercises allow everyone in the room to be seen and heard in an equal way.
• Where there is known tension in the room due to the topic or who is gathering, PSE exercises will help neutralize the tension.
• When a greater sense of love and connection is desired (reunions, weddings, youth groups)

For more information use contact form below. Stephanie is also available for key note speeches on PSE, relating well and grace.

PSE principles are adaptable to various types of gatherings. They can be used to warm up a crowd or taught in workshop format. Contact me here for more info.


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“Relating well is essential to our wellbeing. As we exercise empathetic curiosity with each other we increase our personal wellbeing and improve the world around us.”     sm-initials-logo-white-45