Relational Nourishment

I am often asked what my work is based on.  For most of my career I have been studying behavioral patterns in consumers and what motivates people into action. I am influenced by gestalt therapy, imago therapy, resonance repatterning and my personal experiences with God and spirit.

I believe there are three important ingredients required in creating the life you want and love:

An Appreciation for Choice (free will) – An understanding of your “role in it” and the willingness to look at that. To be able to assess the choices you make and the consequences.  To be accountable for the choices that are not creating desired outcomes with forgiveness for self as needed.  Asking yourself, is this working or do I need to choose something else?

Practicing Curiosity – Every day is a new day to learn and do something new. How many questions are you asking yourself in day? What are you learning from others? How curious are you being with others? It may only take one conversation to inspire movement where there has been none in a long time. An openness to new ideas and new experiences creates momentum towards the life you want as you experience more certainty around what works and doesn’t work for you.

Staying Open for Grace –  Believing there is supportive, inspirational, spiritual energy available to you.  Ask for it in whatever ways feels comfortable to you. Say a prayer, scream it out, write down what you are need and are asking for. Religion is not a requirement to experience grace.  (more thoughts on how to experience grace)

I believe practicing these three things is how we stay “relationally” nourished.

 Having it all figured out is a myth. Life is beautiful because of discoveries.  Continuous self-discoveries and relational discoveries are the foundation of all meaningful experiences.  Let’s keep going together.

PSE principles are adaptable to various types of gatherings. They can be used to warm up a crowd or taught in workshop format. Contact me here for more info.


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“Relating well is essential to our wellbeing. As we exercise empathetic curiosity with each other we increase our personal wellbeing and improve the world around us.”     sm-initials-logo-white-45