Reframing the Conversation

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If the conversations we are having are not producing solutions and meaning – is it time to re-frame? Talking with Jaime Hansen, author of “Expanding the Conversation,” about innovative communication and breaking out of repeated talking points that only keep us frustrated and in the problem.

Show Highlights

Stephanie explaining what “re-framing” is and how and when to use it.

Stephanie expressing her deep love for Strangers Things and the characters appreciation of “Journeys of Curiosity.”

Jaime sharing why it was important to her to write a book about “Expanding the Conversation” in the workplace.

Jamie sharing some of the conversations she’s had on affirmative action.

Stephanie and Jaime talking about how “summary and averages” data can be misleading.

Stephanie and Jaime discussing what it would look like if more “preventive” conversations are encouraged before a difficult situation transpires.

Resources Mentioned

Backstory Behind Stephanie and Guest

Jaime and I got connected via our mutual friend, Jadah. I knew when I first spoke to Jaime that we were strongly connected through some of the same values and beliefs. Jaime is a great listener and communicator. She can express her views passionately with tremendous sensitivity to others people’s perspective. She is a natural “Re-framer.” I look forward to following her work and growing our friendship. – Stephanie Michele

Social Challenge of the Week

Stephanie stated two social challenges this week — Still encouraging starting an offline group. See details here from last show’s social challenge.

Also try to use re-framing principles in conversations.

  1. Try to take on the characteristics of someone else to approach the topic from a different perspective
  2. Explore new questions about the situation.
  3. Approach the topic from a new point of entry.  Example: reserve engineer it from the worst case scenario or desired outcome.

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