Cosplayin’ Around

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Special Halloween Edition of Relatable. Talking about Cosplay with Angel Anderson with a few tricks and treats up our sleeves.

Show Highlights

Stephanie talking about why she is inspired by Sadness from Inside Out.

Stephanie reading the top 10 reasons why her dog (Mr. Deeds) would make a better president than Donald Trump.

Angel talking about why it was important to her to dress like a handmaid.

Angel and Stephanie sharing their thoughts on sexy Halloween costumes and the commercialization of Halloween.

Angel talking about why she loves being scared and how she uses fear.

Resources Mentioned

Nailsnaps, Angel’s Company

RELATE – Promo code for 35% off your order on Nailsnaps now through Dec 31st.

Backstory Behind Stephanie and Guest

Angel and I were both asked to speak at an event over 5 years. We shared a few laughs at the event and stayed in touch. What you see is what you get with Angel. I appreciate her intelligence, directness and fierceness. She is one of my go to friends when I need  “this is how we are going to kick ass in business and life.” inspiration.  – Stephanie Michele

Social Challenge of the Week

With inspiration from Sadness — This week’s challenge is: Let your emotion inspire positive action.

  1. Don’t avoid your emotion — lean into it.
  2. Ask what am I feeling right now? (sadness, anger, joy, disgust, fear, etc)
  3. Ask why am I feeling this?
  4. Make a list of things you can do that will create positive change.
  5. Take action on something on your list.
  6. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

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