Living and Thriving in Your Own Personal Tribe

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What would it be like to live in a household with 10 or more people? Guests Lucy and Dennis Bernstein, parents of 12 children share their strategies for parenting and thriving.

Show Highlights

The acknowledgement Lucy and Dennis have for each other even in lighthearted simple things like who makes the best breakfast.

Lucy explaining what the “gen pop” laundry pile is.

Dennis sharing how he has come to terms with what motherhood really means.

The highlighted theme of making the best choice that serves you and the people around you.

Lucy and Dennis’s heart-swell to their children with love and respect for their children and each other. (Look closely at the hand holding!)

And so much more.  This is the show to watch in it’s entirety to learn about thriving in LOVE!


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Backstory Behind Stephanie and Guest

The story of how I became to know and love the Bernsteins is story of meaningful and intentional networking. A friend was going to a networking event at the City Club in downtown Los Angeles. One of her friends could not bring his wife and together they looked through their friends to pick someone to invite. My name was picked. I attended the event and met Dennis and Lucy for the first time and made a new friend, (George) he was the one who suggested I get the invite. That night I learned about Dennis’s business leadership skills and Lucy’s jewelry making skills. I felt and appreciated both of their abilities to be present in a conversation. Even with out knowing about their family I sensed Lucy’s abundant connection to mother earth and all things mothering. Since the initial meeting, I have met with Dennis several time for life and career conversations. His practical advice, attention to both facts and feelings and great story-telling are always exactly what I need and energy-giving. I got to experience Lucy’s heart and storytelling abilities when she and her daughter, Mahalah came to Pubic Shared Experience event. I have so much love for this family and look forward to seeing the evolution of future generations of Bernsteins. – Stephanie Michele

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Social ChallengeRelatable Favorite Human List of the Week: Use this graphic to let people know they are on your favorite human list. Tell them why and thank them.

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