The Freedom of Transition

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Life is full of transitions. Some transitions are more difficult than others and require a fair amount of discovery and assistance. Guest Robert Graves shares his personal experiences with transitioning from military life back to civilian life and how he motivated to help others. Stephanie talked about how the show is transitioning with a new commitment to offer a relating challenge each episode and a new focus to “Stump the Relater.”

Show Highlights

Robert sharing his personal story about some of the reasons transitioning back to civilian life was particular hard on him in both his career and home life.

Stephanie and Robert shared some laughs over keeping it real with swear words. (Some swearing from last weeks’s episode worked it’s way into this episode.)

Robert and Stephanie agreeing that a good life coach should also commit to being a life-long student.

Robert’s recognizing what his and his wife’s “love languages” are when he shared his heartswell to her.

Resources Mentioned

Backstory Behind Stephanie and Guest

Prior to meeting Robert today, we had one 30 minute conversation. What I heard then is what I got on the show today. Robert has a big heart for helping people, learning and keeping things humble. Before the show we had a conversation about how it is easier for some people to embrace their “why” yet the trouble comes when determining “how” to act on that why. I suspect Robert will be adding many layers of “how” to his work not because he does not know his “how” but because he has the kind of generous spirit that refuses to accept defeat or status quo. – Stephanie Michele

Relating Exercise Challenge

Develop Accountability Partner (DAP Challenge)

  • Ask yourself, what are you working on? What parts of your life are in transition?
  • Share this information with at least five people.
  • Ask them to share resources (books, specialists, documentaries, etc.) they know of that might help you with your transition and check in with you on your progress.
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    1. Robert Graves

      Thanks again for helping get my word out! It is my intention to keep talking about it until the very last active member of the military comes home! #YearOfTheVet!

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