Complimenting: Easy Mutually Beneficial Feel-Good Relating

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Stephanie rants about unpleasant “fast-food” relating experiences with chat bots and urges people to be more aware of “their role in it.” Guest Peter Drivas and Stephanie explore the art of giving compliments and how we can benefit from giving them more freely.
Show Highlights

Stephanie sharing her thoughts on the use of the “N” word and why poorly developed, non-transparent chat bots contribute to unsatisfying “human interaction” feelings.

Peter sharing his story about challenging a total stranger (who was likely to be a body builder) to a arm wresting match.

Stephanie and Peter exploring the “where, when and what” of giving compliments.

Resources Mentioned

More about Peter and the LA Art Alliance 

Stephanie Mentioned this Article – Top 5 Bots to Get You Laid

Backstory Behind Stephanie and Guest

I was introduced to Peter through Claudia Endler, who was a guest on the Relatable Valentine’s show. She mentioned he loves giving compliments to strangers and I knew I had to meet him! Peter and I met for afternoon ice cream to get to know each other. I knew instantly I wanted him to be on the show. We talked about life and the pursuit of happiness. Peter asks great questions and is a good listener. – Stephanie Michele

Social Challenge of the Week

Pull a Peter and Be a Compliment Giver.

First Step: Be Present. Take in your surroundings and see who is around you.

Second Step: Compliment a stranger when you notice something about them that you appreciate.

Third Step: Carry on your complimenting with people you know and love.

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