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Got text neck? Stephanie with guests Sharon Jakubecy Khelm and Matt Formica discussed texting norms and the hidden harms of texting too much. Setting guidelines to mindfully decrease texts exchanges were emphasized with a review of the No Text or Next pledge.

Show Highlights

Sharon letting us know the harms of “text neck” and some simple corrections to stay mindful and pain free in your body.

Matt demonstrating how he is not a normal millennial which left me thinking, “Who is?” (Perhaps we need a special episode to cover this.)

Resources Mentioned

More about Sharon’s work – Alexander Technique LA
Matt’s Start up – Sportleash

More about Text Neck

Take the No Text or Next Pledge.

More Info about #MessyTruth Watching Party and Love Army.

Backstory Behind Stephanie and Guest

I have known Matt for a few years now and although I don’t see him often, the connection to him remains the same. What you see is what you get with Matt. He is a great communicator and conservationist. I appreciate his straightforwardness and his humor on the rare occasion that he is actually funny. (HA,HA MATT)

I took an Alexander Technique class with Sharon this year. Her touch and guiding voice was very helpful for me in terms of being more in body. Now I can actually feel where there is stress coming into my body and softly adjust before too much tension sits in. Sharon is also someone you don’t have to guess where you stand with. She has a gift for making you feel safe and cared for. – Stephanie

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