How Do You Take Your Self Growth? With ease or with work?

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What started out as a show about Resonance Repatterning turned into a fun conversation amongst friends. Friends who are all seeker of experiences and growth yet who pursue it differently. Jessica Driscoll, Jeff Berlin and Stephanie share their experiences during and after their repatterning sessions while also discovering growth happens when you are ready to lean into it.

Show Highlights

This was a fun show!! If you listen carefully through the playful banter between Jeff and Jessica you will experience elements of a life-long friendship. Through the laughs we managed to illustrate there are many distinctions in how we perceive events in our lives and the choices that follow those events.

Resources Mentioned

Resonance Repattering
Spiral Up! by Chloe Faith Wordsworth

Backstory Behind Stephanie and Guest

“I met Jessica in my local DTLA community. First our dogs smelled each other’s butts and let us know “It’s cool, Mom.” Once we had the approval of our furry babies, we became fast friends. I can always count on her for insightful conversations and care. Jessica introduced a tradition of Sunday dinner to our local group of friends. Jeff was part of the Sunday dinner package. Despite his instance that his cat is “very special,” I have enjoyed his unique take on life and sense of humor. I am so grateful to laugh, live and learn with both of them.” – Stephanie Michele

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