Marijuana: What Color Do You See?

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What happens next now that marijuana use is legal in the state of California for adults after passing Prop 64? Guest Lynne Lyman, the California State Director for the Drug Policy Alliance answered some complex questions about drug use, reform and why even “white people” should care about past, present and future “Wars on Drugs.”

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Lynne took on the complexity of legalizing marijuana and made it easier to digest than a gummie edible. Which by the way may be a thing of the past in California. We covered a lot of marijuana ground in this episode including: how it is legal to use but not quite legal to sell, decriminalization and “War on Drugs” connection to racism.

We also talked about how people with medical marijuana cards can safely “share” with their non-card carrying friends.

Lynne also suggested if you voted YES on Prop 64 – Sign up and stay informed via The Drug Policy Alliance here. And pay close attention to what is going in your local cities in regards to drug policies and reform.

Lastly, Lynne’s “Heartswell” moment at the end to ALL WHITE PEOPLE is AMAZING!!!

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Backstory Behind Stephanie and Guest

“Lynne was the first Relatable guest who I only communicated via email with prior to the show. Although not knowing her prior to our online conversation created a little bit of a nervous edge for me, I knew it would all work out because we shared common ground and concern. As you can tell from the interview she is very insightful and passionate about her work. She put me at easy when she walked into the studio with a warm smile. Lynne is definitely someone you want as a friend who seems to be equality capable of laughing at a inside joke as calling you on your “S#%T” if required.” – Stephanie Michele

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