Befriending Your Fears

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A candid conversation about living with anxiety and fear with actress Tayler Deline. We laughed, we almost cried and we shared some tips for overcoming common social anxieties.

Show Highlights

Stephanie talking about multi-tasking social anxiety and the importance of self-care practices.

Tayler sharing how she cooped with her social anxieties as a child and what living authentically means to her.

Tayler explaining how she uses humorous re-framing as tool for diminishing anxieties and fears.

Stephanie and Tayler realizing what would would be a good thing to promote via a super bowl commercial. LISTENING! 

Tayler giving herself a “heart-swell.” YES! This is self-care in action!!


Resources Mentioned

Backstory Behind Stephanie and Guest

I learned about Tayler via her cousin, Traci from Sidewalk Talk. Knowing that she was willing to be vulnerable and admit to her social fears…I liked her before I met her! Having social anxieties are no joke but I appreciate her lean towards humor to deal with hers. I had a blast talking with her in the studio today but don’t let our laughter distract you, there are some real gems of wisdom in this interview. – Stephanie Michele

Social Challenge of the Week

The name of the game is RE-FRAME.

Read the Re-framing article above in Resources.

Recall a situation that you spend a lot of time agonizing over. Come up with at least 3 “What If” questions about the situation with the goal of exploring those questions so you can see the situation differently.

As you become more familiar with practice of re-framing, use it when you catch yourself feeling overwhelmed, angry, sad, etc. about a particular situation as a way to release frustration.

Bonus MadLibs Exercise: Write out the details of a frustrating situation in a story format. Go back and black out some nouns and verbs in your story. Then come up with new replacement nouns and verbs for your story. Humor heals, so go for the funny, If you get stuck, call a friend and have them select the new nouns and verbs. Read the revised story out loud.


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