The Strength of Women a.k.a. Vagina Power

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Taking a look at what it means to empower women to be strong with Nurse Jadah Chatterjee and Artist Manager John Cowan from 24k/7. Women give and sustain life. There is no reason for embarrassment, disrespect or for any woman to have their rights questioned by anyone who does not fully support and uplift a woman to be their equal.

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Topics in the Episode Include: Childbirth, Using the Word “Vagina”, Women’s Rights, 2016 US Elections, Abortion, “Vagina” NailSnaps, Stephanie Medeiros’s Art, Men Who Empower Women, Pussy Hats, Women’s March, Documentary Gleason on Amazon and Steve and Michel Varisco Gleason. Stephanie also shared some personal thoughts on Pro Life vs. Pro Choice, We also got to hear about how Johnny to proposed to “his” Stephanie.

Resources Mentioned

Gleason (movie and nonprofit organization)

Backstory Behind Stephanie and Guest

I share one of my favorite stories about my friendship with Jadah in the intro of this show. I know Johnny through his fiance, Stephanie who is one the most creative and fun-loving people I know. I adore them both and love seeing how their path is unfolding.” – Stephanie Michele

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