Ghosting vs. Showing Up for the Conversation

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What was going to be a show about the challenges of online dating turned into a LIVE example of the challenges of online dating when the scheduled guest decided to “ghost the host.” Not to worry, Stephanie phoned a friend, Eric Van Steenburg, Ph.D. Stephanie and Eric talked about the Women’s March and other political topics as they reflected on the importance of showing up for the conversation.

Show Highlights

This was truly an example of a conversation between friends who were sharing how they feel about what is going on in the world. And of course an example of what it looks like to show up for a friend.

Resources Mentioned

The Bible was mentioned yet it feels irresponsible to provide a link to one version alone.

Backstory Behind Stephanie and Guest

“Eric and I met in Dallas over 20 years ago at my first advertising agency job. I have always been able to count on him for brilliant sarcasm, sound advice and heartfelt care. I don’t see or talk to him often but when we do it always reminds me of how comfortable it feels to know you have friends in the world that get you even without knowing every detail of your life. On the contrast, is the story behind the guest that did not show up and I. He was someone I met on the dating app called Bumble. We had talked over the phone but had never met. After our first talk, we went through a series of text misunderstandings that could of easily been cleared up had either one of us picked up the phone to call the other. We talked about this before he agreed to go on the show. Then he changed his mind and decided not to communicate that to me. Sadly, I believe these dating app/text communication situations happen too often and are directly related to why it seems so hard to connect with anyone at all. If he had the courage to show up and talk this through with me, I believe it would of been a helpful conversation to anyone struggling to find connections via digital dating.” – Stephanie Michele

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