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Humans are hardwired for connection. Authentic connection happens when we can identify in a way that feels the truest to self. Imagine if you were being persecuted based on your identity. An identity with no intent to harm or hurt others but one that has the right to pursue love and self-expression as every human being should have the right to do. Stephanie and guests Mx. Nicky Endres and Justin Hanenberg discuss transgender terms and topics, what it means to “come out” and encourage dialog that will help straight people understand they are not so different from transgender people.

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Stephanie started the show by sharing her own exploration and struggle with identity. We talked about the issues people in the LBGTQ communities deal with on a daily basis and gave some practical advice on how to connect more and judge less. Justin and Nicky also helped Stephanie sort out her mixed feelings about Caitlyn Jenner.

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Backstory Behind Stephanie and Guest

“I wanted to talk to someone in the transgender community. I wanted to understand how I, a heterosexual woman could relate better with the community and be more supportive. I heard about an organization called Sex Positive LA through my work at the Relational Center. After talking to a member of Sex Positive’s leadership team, he thought Justin and Nicky would be a great couple to interview. We spoke one time over Skype before meeting in person on the show. I love their energy as a couple! I also appreciated their willingness to share how they have learned to deal with people treating them differently. The results are two people that have grown through their ability to community and find love through self expression.” – Stephanie Michele

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