Digital Detachment: For Productivity and Well-being

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Guest Brian Diedrick from said, “Unplugging is completely unrealistic yet cultivating detachment is a must.” On this episode of Relatable we explored why it is important to detach from our devices and how to do it with loving kindness for self especially knowing how easy it is to get sucked back into aimless browsing and texting habits.

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Both Brian and Stephanie shared how they susceptible to media and device obsession. Stephanie talked about the effects of binge watching Westworld. Brian defined ABC disorder. (aimless browsing compulsion) Brian also shared a very touching “Heartswell” to his daughter at the end of the show.

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Backstory Behind Stephanie and Guest

“I met Brian at Wingman Media when I was doing some consulting work for them. That work took us on one of the most bizarre sales calls in my career. I sat next to Brian on the plane going to that meeting and proceeded to have one the best and most meaningful conversation of my life. I can’t remember all the topics we talked about but I do remember feeling an inspired sense of connection after talking with him. I believe this is because Brian is a great listening and he takes time to thoughtfully shares what he knows with an awareness to the art of great conversation.” – Stephanie Michele

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