The Art of Living

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Real talk about living and dying with Claire Wineland, activist and founder of Claire’s Place Foundation, an organization that provides emotional and financial support to families living with cystic fibrosis.

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Stephanie talks about the phrase, “The Struggle is Real” and experiencing new learning curves at age 45.

Claire explains what cystic fibrosis is and what living with it is like.

Claire shares her thoughts on death and finding purpose in life.

Claire and Stephanie leaning into some silliness. (a necessity for life when the struggle is real)

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Backstory Behind Stephanie and Guest

I met Claire’s father, John Wineland at Burning Man in 2011. Listening to how John spoke about her, I hoped to get a chance to meet her and I did soon after meeting John. To say there is something special about Claire is an understatement. She is always insightful and real. Her joyful energy for “the now” is contagious. Every moment I spend with her is a gift. Even when she is not trying to do so, she has taught me so much about not taking things for granted or sweating the small stuff. I am team Claire for life!! – Stephanie Michele

Social Challenge of the Week

The Social Challenge for the Week: Lean into Brave Discomfort  (listen to how Claire talked about this at the end of the show)

Step One: The thoughts in your head that you would not dare to say — Say them!!

Step Two: Don’t overthink it, say what is on your mind. Even if it may cause you or someone else discomfort in the immediate moment, say it.

Step Three: Try it with a stranger, try it with someone you know.

Note: Why this? Discomfort always leads to Growth.

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