Our Capacity for Intimacy

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If we were willing to practice and learn about intimacy what would our relationships look like? What would the world feel like? Talking about the “art of intimacy” and more with John Wineland.

Show Highlights

Stephanie sharing all the reasons why the topic of intimacy is on her mind.

John sharing the “why” behind his work.

John explaining some of the differences between masculine and feminine energy and what they both need.

John talking about “art making” in intimacy.

Resources Mentioned

John Wineland’s website

Claire Wineland’s website (John’s daughter)

Books by David Deida

Backstory Behind Stephanie and Guest

I met John in 2011 when we both ended up in the same camp at Burning Man. It does not take long to realize there is something special about John. He is intensely in tune with what is important in life.  His words and purpose are clear and fierce. Ask John about his daughter and  you will get an undeniable sense of the deep well that is John’s heart. John represents his work of  “the embodied man” to the fullest. – Stephanie Michele

Social Challenge of the Week

In this episode John suggested an easy practice you can do connect and increase levels of intimacy with your partner but I also wanted to put something out there for people not in relationships. Listen to how John talks about masculine and feminine energies in this episode. Which parts to you relate to? What can you put into practice that supports your own masculine and feminine needs? Are you taking care of both on regular basis? Explore trying new things to feel more love or less burden.

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