A Journey of Faith

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What if it was illegal to be curious about God and religion? Dr. Shaynah Neshama-Bannister shares her personal journey of faith that started under Communism in Bulgaria.

Show Highlights

Stephanie sharing aspects of her faith and why character it more important to her than faith category.

Shaynah talking about her first encounter with God at 5 years old, when she lived under Communism in Bulgaria when many religious organizations were restrained or banned.

Shaynah sharing her “Let your actions be your sermon” philosophy.

Shaynah talking about how she embraced her Jewish roots while maintaining her Christian beliefs.

Resources Mentioned

More about Shaynah and Her Work

Books by Shaynah (Turn my Loneliness Into Solitude, We Testify, All Shall Be Well)

Congregations Shaynah mentioned:

Ahavat Zion Messianic Synagogue

Vineyard Church Pomona

Chabad Pasadena

Books by Karen Armstrong (personal favorite author of Stephanie’s)

Backstory Behind Stephanie and Guest

I had been wanting to have a guest on for a while that would highlight a conversation of faith. With no knowledge of that desire, my friend Dion reached out to me about a new client he was working with. He was not sure what our connection would be but thought I would be interested in interviewing her. After speaking with Shaynah, imagine my delight in knowing she had a unique journey of faith story. Just another example of divine intervention in my life; through our connection my prayers were answered. Shaynah is a very accomplished person. What impresses me the most is her pure, youthful, radiant joy and humility when she talks about her relationships with God. There is nothing more delightful than talking to someone who eyes are sparkling with light. Shaynah has that light. – Stephanie Michele

Social Challenge of the Week

What can you do this week to listen differently?

Do you know the reasons behind why your friends/family do what they do or believe what they believe?

Listen for understanding not to debate what is right or wrong. Work in “WHY” questions.

Try this sequence of questions – Can you think of an experience that made you think there was a God? What happened? And Why is this experience significant to you?

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