Why Not One God?

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Where do you go with spiritual curiosity when a church does not feel like home to you? A conversation with musician Antoinette “Rootsdawtah” Hall about faith in God, music and international experiences.

Show Highlights

Stephanie talking about actions of empathy, compassion and understanding.

Antoinette and Stephanie talking about spiritual connection vs. religious divisions.

Antoinette and Stephanie talking about the gifts of being in service and the importance of being able to be present and listen.

Antoinette encouraging people to be open to their own spiritual journey.

Resources Mentioned

More about Antoinette and Pato’s Music, Events and Ministries 

More about Antoinette and her Music 

The Urantia Book

The Urantia Movement 

Charity Navigator – Where to go to learn about how charities are serving earthquake and hurricane victims.

Accidental Courtesy – The documentary Stephanie mention with musician Daryl Davis and KKK members.

Backstory Behind Stephanie and Guest

Almost 10 years ago, I hired Antoinette to be an account manager at a company I was working with. I knew right away she was a fast learner and a straight shooter. When the company restructured,  I had to let my entire team go. Though all the challenges, Antoinette remained steadfast. I was happy to stay connected to her via Facebook to see her do the things she loves (music and travel) and her find her love in the process. Antoinette glows from within, it is a gift to be in her presence. – Stephanie Michele

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