Good Impression vs. Lasting Connection

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What can we do to make first time conversations better? Exploring how to make a mutual meaningful and lasting connection with Jeroen de Wit.

Show Highlights

Stephanie talking about what relational fuel is to her.

Jeroen talking about authenticity and the opportunity for connection when there is discomfort.

Jeroen explaining what the Dutch expression, “Back of your tongue means.”

Jeroen and Stephanie sharing what they wish happens more in interactions with people.

Resources Mentioned

Jeroen’s work

Jeroen on instagram 

Agape Ministries 

Follow the art project Stephanie volunteered for at @ManOneArt


Backstory Behind Stephanie and Guest

A friend who I stay connected with on Instagram suggested I connect with Jeroen. After speaking with him for a few minutes, it was easy to get a sense for his place and peace in the world. After rescheduling a tea, I asked Jeroen to come on the show to meet for the first time. I appreciated his calmness and centering pauses. I suspect there is much more to know about Jeroen and look forward to tea adventures with him. – Stephanie Michele

Social Challenge of the Week

The “Who is Around You” Challenge

Take the time to have more awareness to the people around you as you go about your day. Look to your left. Look to your right. Make eye contact. Compliment and Smile!

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