Empathy is not Endorsement

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What started out as rant from Stephanie on “fluffy” empathy and empathy as a manipulation tool for consumer sales became a conversation between two friends who shared what they know about empathy. Stephanie was joined by Dan Fink, deputy director of The Relational Center.

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A lot of ground was covered in this show. It started with Stephanie reading a “fluffy” empathy social media post. She also shared a recent experience with the brand THINX which left her feeling the brand wants her to “feel and believe what they do” without any consideration for her own experience. Stephanie was joined by good friend and colleague from The Relational Center, Dan Fink. Dan gave a clear definition for empathy. He also explaining what “Empathy is not Endorsement” and “Wear the Attribution” means. Dan and Stephanie also talked about the concept of “Debating is not Relating,” and the benefits of practicing empathy.

Stephanie was also very enthusiastic about her new position in the studio which allows her face the camera and sit next to her guest! And watch her try to keep it together when Dan dedicates his heartswell to her.

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Backstory Behind Stephanie and Guest

As Dan mentioned in the show, we first met in 2009 when I learned about The Relational Center (TRC). At the time we could not figure out how to work together but still I pursued. In 2016, I reconnected with Dan and Mark at TRC. It was like no time had went by at all. They are my people!! I share their heart! Since 2016 I have been really blessed to get to know Dan better and develop a friendship that I treasure. I can count on Dan for deep talk, care and sarcastic entertainment. We share a snobbery for good coffee and his love for craft beer and board game play are rubbing off on me. – Stephanie Michele

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