Your Body is an Ally Part III

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Your body is in pain, is it possible to restore? Last in the series, Your Body is an Ally with Amy B. Scher.

Show Highlights

Stephanie dedicated this show to her new niece Dahlia Faye by sharing some thoughts on the abilities to love and heal that we are born with.

Amy shared her personal healing story and what she means by, “If treating the body alone doesn’t resolve the challenge, then the body alone must not be what created it.”

Stephanie and Amy talked about the concept of “wellbeing maintenance” and how energy work impacts emotional and physical wellbeing.

Stephanie and Amy talked about how they have benefited by leaning into the “woo-woo” with the understanding that sometimes you just have to surrender to the unknown for things to work.

Amy handled the random table topic question with grace as she expressed why murder is never a good idea. Stephanie backed her up on this.

Resources Mentioned

Backstory Behind Stephanie and Guest

Amy and I had a brief phone conversation before meeting in the studio for this show. Upon meeting her, I would describe Amy’s energy as “warm and ready.” She is joyful, ready to be helpful and avialble for connection. Without knowing the work she has done to get to where she is today, it might be hard to imagine how sick she was because she now relates more to her wellness and joy than she does to her pain and sickness. I believe this is a testament to her work and her journey. She lives and thrives by being the example that she believe is possible for other people to achieve as well. – Stephanie Michele

Social Challenge of the Week

Social Challenge of the Week: Wiggle and Shake (repeat, repeat, repeat)

As you move about different tasks of the day and interactions with others, take a few moments to “shake off” what you might be carrying into the new activity.

Try this shake and wiggle when you wake, before you start work, as you change tasks, before conversations, dates, after the work day and before you go to bed.  Try to get at least 5 shakes in for the day. Do it 3-5 days in a row. Notice if there are any shifts in your stress levels.

Bonus Shake: Take a shake break with a friend or family member. Add music. 🙂


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