Relatable is a weekly show dedicated to real conversations on what it looks and feels like to relate WELL. Just as we exercise our bodies to maintain physical health we need to practice relating to maintain wellbeing. If you think about it —not being able to communicate and relate well has tremendous negative effects on both our personal and professional lives. Relating well requires more than talking and listening. It requires empathetic curiosity carried out through thoughtful exchanges of questions and answers. Stephanie Michele and her guests will focus on tips and stories regarding relating well with a little extra “vulnerability extreme sporting” mixed in. Watch Live every Tuesday at 11:00am (PST) on LA Talk Radio or see the archives of the show here.

Relatable Wine with Adam Dromi

Together We Wine

Talking with wine expert Adam Dromi on how to pick out wines that unite and bring us into conversation with inspiration for holiday dinners.

Relational Products

The Gifts of Imperfection

If vulnerability was an extreme sport, this would be the playbook. Let go and be who you are on purpose.

The Gifts of Imperfection

If vulnerability was an extreme sport, this would be the playbook. Let go and be who you are on purpose.

Relational Resources

The Relational Center

The Relational Center fosters empathic connection and interdependence via counseling for individuals, groups and institutional training for organizations and leaders.

Joseph Faust

Joseph is a Relationship, Intimacy and Lifestyle Expert and NLP Trainer. He is personal coach that is a lifesaver when you are ready to rolls up your sleeves and do the work that is required for personal transformation.

Resonance Repatterning

A repatterning session is my go to thing when I am experiencing thoughts and feeling that are not serving me. If you live in Southern California message me for the name of my practitioner. I adore her!
  • Relatable Impact of Childhood
    The Impact of Your Childhood on How You Relate in the World
  • Exploring What It Means to Have a Relating Mentor
  • Relatable Vagina Power
    The Strength of Women a.k.a. Vagina Power
  • Relatable: Ghosting vs. Showing Up
    Ghosting vs. Showing Up for the Conversation
  • Relatable Story vs. Hateful Comment Troll
    Using Your Story to Relate vs. Being a Hateful Comment Troll
  • Online Dating Dilemma: It’s Not You
  • Love Commitment
    Reflecting on Love: Commitment, Choice or Feeling?
  • Hardwired for Connection
    Hardwired for Connection
  • Digital Detachment: For Productivity and Well-being
  • Respectful Genderqueer Curiosity
  • The Influence of Mom: A Journey to Fashion and Social Consciousness
  • Relatable with Stephanie Michele Self Growth
    How Do You Take Your Self Growth? With ease or with work?
  • Relatable Mind Body and Text
    Mind, Body and Text
  • Relatable Legal Marijuana
    Marijuana: What Color Do You See?
  • Speaking Your Truth
    Speaking Your Truth and Living Your Dream
  • Global Portal
    A Global Portal for Connection
  • AR/VR
    What’s in Your Reality? An AR/VR Conversation.
  • Relatable Listening
    When Was the Last Time You Felt Heard?
  • Relatable Empathy
    Empathy is not Endorsement
  • Turning 40
    Life in the Forties Lane
  • Relatable Bri Seeley Swearing
    Why Do Ladies Swear?
  • Relatable Robert Graves Transition
    The Freedom of Transition
  • Relatable Tribe Living
    Living and Thriving in Your Own Personal Tribe
  • Relatable Complimenting
    Complimenting: Easy Mutually Beneficial Feel-Good Relating
  • Relatable Fears with Tayler Deline
    Befriending Your Fears
  • Body is Your an Ally (part one)
    Your Body is an Ally Part One
  • Relatable American Tweens
    Kid Perspective: What Does it Mean to be American?
  • Body Ally Part II
    Your Body is an Ally Part II
  • Addiction Sobriety
    A Journey from Addiction to Sobriety
  • Body Ally III
    Your Body is an Ally Part III
  • What You Eat
    You Are What You Eat
  • Relatable Hot Topics
    Ask & Answer Show with Coach Graves
  • Dr Lee Hausner Money
    A Better Relationship with Money
  • Intimacy
    Our Capacity for Intimacy
  • Relatable Faith
    A Journey of Faith
  • Relatable Cues for Connection
    Cues for Connection in Modern Day Relating
  • Relatable News Media
    When It Matters the Most, What to Consider About Your News Source
  • Relatable Isabella Mente Social Media
    Working It Out with Words and Social Media
  • Relatable One God Antoinette
    Why Not One God?
  • Relatable with CC Reagan Purpose
    Undeniable Purpose
  • Relatable laughter Beth Lapides
    Lean into Laughter
  • RelatablewithJeroen
    Good Impression vs. Lasting Connection
  • Relatable with Meredith Klein Mindful Foods
    Mindful Foods for Meaningful Gatherings
  • Relatable Angel Anderson
    Cosplayin’ Around
  • Relatable Wine with Adam Dromi
    Together We Wine
  • Relatable Re-framing with Jaime Hansen
    Reframing the Conversation
  • Relatable Opioid Epidemic
    The Opioid Epidemic: The View from the ER
  • Giving Tuesday with Stephanie Medeiros
    Giving Tuesday
  • Relatable with Claire Wineland
    The Art of Living
  • Relatable with Amber
    Covering Your Mind with Love
  • Relatable with Fashion Lisa Foti
    Relating with Fashion
  • Relatable Travel
    The World is Yours
  • Relatable Purpose
    The World is Yours

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“Relating well is essential to our wellbeing. As we exercise empathetic curiosity with each other we increase our personal wellbeing and improve the world around us.”  -  sm-initials-logo-white-45